Hockey News

  1. A game of ice hockey, it reopens the wound of Argentina for Malvinas

Far from attracting sports attention from the rest of the continent, Florida Panthers Stadium, an NHL team-the American Ice Hockey League-was between Friday the 6th and Sunday the 8th of September the scene of a Latin American tournament of a discipline that does not usually arouse passions south of the Rio Bravo. However, among the 390 players from 21 selections and teams that participated in the four categories of the event-divided between male first and Second Division, female and juvenile-a match stood out that until now had no record in any sport and that within a few days would generate diplomatic noise: the Albiceleste team faced a team from the Malvinas Islands, the territory occupied by Great Britain since 1833 from which Argentina claims its sovereignty rights and for which it entered into war in 1982.

The tournament, called Latam Cup 2019 and organized by a private company-Amerigol Miami International Hockey Association-was held with apparent normality in Coral Springs, 70 kilometers from Miami. Even in the beginning counted with the membership in social networks of the Argentine consulate of that city, who in his account of Instagram were invited to the compatriots in Florida to get closer to the stadium. If Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil and Jamaica participated in the first round, what few noticed at the beginning is that one of the selections that participated in the second round, called as the rest of the world by the official website of the event, in other pages specialized in ice hockey appeared with an added data in parentheses: rest of the world (Falklands).

  1. The fall of Mourinho in a Russian hockey game that has gone viral

Portuguese football coach Josรฉ Mourinho stumbled across the red carpet after performing the honor kick during a set of the’ Continental Hockey League ‘ (Russia) between Avangard and SKA, which took place on Monday. A video that has gone viral shows the moment when Mourinho takes out and slips with the carpet as he tries to pull out of the ice rink.

This is not the first time that social networks are the echo of a fall like this by the ex-coach of Real Madrid and Manchester United. In September of last year, the Portuguese starred in images in which he stumbled upon a security cordon at Wembley Stadium, where he went to watch a match between England and Spain.

  1. The defense of the clones

The dream of any security, play the sport you play, would be to replicate under challenging times. In ice hockey, the vulcanized rubber disc reaches speeds of 160 kilometers per hour with ease: it would be very convenient to form a human wall similar to that of the image. But it is an optical illusion generated by multiple photographic exposures. In it, young Canadian Maxime Lajoie, the debut defense of the Ottawa Senators, unfolds into a dozen clones during the warm-up before the NHL match against the New York Rangers, held a couple of weeks ago. His team ended up losing 4-2.